development of your baby

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Re: development of your baby

Postby Charly » Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:44 pm

Children grow fast, especially when they are on the first and second year of life. Nevertheless, it is noticeable during pre-school period as well. It is better to keep an eye on their physical development. Parents should understand that physical development is not less important than mental one. All sport, dancing clubs are desirable to visit with your children.

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Re: development of your baby

Postby Tomy » Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:59 pm

I agree with you in this case. I will try to spend as much time as needed for development of my child. I have met some parents who have a lot of quarrels with their children about bed decisions in school or bed marks. I think it is parent’s fault. While in the right time they didn’t care about their children’s all round development.

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Re: development of your baby

Postby Andreas_Maroon » Wed Jul 13, 2016 11:15 am

I think that is the first two years of kids like the foundation that you mentioned is the easiest one to provide, at least from the technical side. the child needs comfort, right nutrition, constant attention and nursing. That takes alot of strength, but those are things that are really simple to understand - and to figure out how to do them right) When the kid grows up - and starts to form like the personality - that often raises more questions. Such as - what should my kid know about good and evil. how to teach to behave in different situations. And the best part, of course - what and when should he know about sex?) So each time period of kids life has its own simple and hard parts.

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Re: development of your baby

Postby franky » Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:57 pm

I am reading all these posts about little babies and image that I also have a child. It is so sweet to have a little miracle in your house. Will you help me to find a good and reliable agency which provides surrogacy programs for single parents? I will be so thankful! I understand that it is not the question under discussion here, but I just cannot think about something else.

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Re: development of your baby

Postby Robb » Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:32 pm

first years play really the greatest role in the development of the child. when the child is born he can not anything. but in a few years he is learned to do everything. he learns how to eat, walk and of course talk. and it is really very difficult for the child. he is like the sponge who receives everything and uses it. of course the child would develop himself but you ahve to do everything in order to make this period of development faster and better and more comfortable for the child. talk, play and spend a lot of time with him.

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Re: development of your baby

Postby Joshua » Thu Jul 21, 2016 6:52 pm

I agree that children are like blank pages. It depends only on their parents what traits of character they will posses in future. Also I’ve heard that parents can influence until a baby is 5. At this age his character becomes formed and in future it will be difficult to change something! Also I like such saying that if you are not satisfied with your child you should look in the mirror. But parents sometimes do mistakes and it is normal. There are of course certain peculiarities in every period of the development but anyhow the most important thing you can do for your baby is that you should always have time for him!

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Re: development of your baby

Postby Easton » Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:03 pm

of course children develop very fast and i think that you know it very very good. you may not even notice it when your child is independent, he starts talking and walks very good. it seems to you that only some months have passed and what can happen during these several months, but children during their first year develop really very fast. i think that it is great and parent shall help their children to develop in the right in order to raise them good people, whom you wanted them to be. try to send a lot of time with your child, and when you see that he is doing something wrong show him the right way. be patient. :!: :!: :!:

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Re: development of your baby

Postby Matthew Foster » Tue Aug 16, 2016 5:34 pm

I agree that development of your baby can be rather difficult. You have to take great pains to grow up a person, who will respect other people and be grateful. You should teach and talk to your child from his very childhood, so that you have no problems in the future. I wish you good luck in developping your baby.

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Re: development of your baby

Postby Howard Freeman » Sat Aug 27, 2016 3:07 pm

I would like to say that not only first two years are the most important and difficult in your child's life. You should help to develop your child during all his life. Every period is special and difficult, but you have to be ready to face any difficulties and help and support your chid any moment. I wish you and your children are happy and healthy.

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Re: development of your baby

Postby Mike Liner » Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:22 pm

I think that not only first two years are the most important in chidren's life. I think that every period of life is very important, difficult and your attitude to a child should be responsible during all his life, you know :x :x :o :shock: :? If you care about your baby during first two years and then you do not pay him enough attention, I guess you will not become a good parent :o :( :(

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