how to choose the name

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how to choose the name

Postby DANIEL » Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:13 pm

Hello guys! Some of us are already fathers, some are in the process already and some only dreaming about it. The name - is very important, and as I heard - practically all couples had some difficulties with it. I am one of them. Yesterday we had a quarrel with my partner. Don't you know, if you remember my story, and some facts from my life, so the thing is - now we are using the services of the agency - biodads, so we are waiting for a child. All last week we were trying to choose the better name. We don't know, whom we are waiting for - a boy or a girl, so we are looking for names for both. I was looking in the internet, and chose several names for both, and when my partner came home he told that he don't like them, but didn't propose his variant. Sometimes I think that I need and want it more than he... And this is a good example. I don't like to use the names of relatives, because heard from my friends that it is bad for a child's destiny, don't know if it is good. Right now my partner has some problems at his work, and I try to support him, but we mustn't forget about the child, and I think that problems won't go anywhere... So what will you advice me to do? How to talk with him when he is always aggressive and tired after work? This is not a serious problem, I understand, but this can be only beginning?

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Re: how to choose the name

Postby Ross » Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:47 am

you know i think that it is really a very serious question for the parents because it is very hard to choose the appropriate name fo te child especially if the parent have different preferences and hey can not choose anything worth for them. but i think that you shall just choose that for this child name chooses one parent and maybe you also want to have the second child. you know i am almost sure that only one of you will choose the name because usually people like different names. but still i hope that for yo it will not be a problem at all and everything will be any case i wish you good luck and everything the best.

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Re: how to choose the name

Postby Nick » Mon Nov 28, 2016 8:18 pm

Hello everybody and everyone here friends :)Daniel, I agree with you that choosing a name for a future baby is really responsible thing. And moreover very important thing and careful. Why i say careful? Because you you should try to choose the name what would describe your children, his or her character, appearance and moreover it should be such name which your child will like. So as for me and my partner, we have already chosen the name of our future baby and you know, we did it without any conflicts and disagreements. So I also wish you and your baby all the best.

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Re: how to choose the name

Postby JinHo » Mon Dec 05, 2016 3:23 pm

Every name has its meaning which somehow affects the fate of the child. The name itself will push him to the doing of brave deeds. So, first, decide what fate you wish for your child and make a list of suitable within the meaning of the names. :D :) ;) Unusual names are very well remembered. An unconventional name is a great way to start a conversation, especially if there is an interesting story behind it. A child with an unusual name won't hesitate to be creative and significant person. ;) Good luck choosing the perfect name for your child!!!! ;)

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Re: how to choose the name

Postby Ray00 » Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:07 pm

i understand that it is very hard choice and you do not know which exactly name to choose but i do not know as well. i think that we can not give you advice concerning this topic because it is really a very hard topic. in my opinion you shall choose it together with your partner or with your friends or with your parents or relatives but not with the other people. we do not know your preferences and that is why it is very hard for us to make the right decision and i think that you understand what i am talking about . i think that you may surf in the internet and find something really very interesting and then talk about it to you partner

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Re: how to choose the name

Postby sleepyfrog » Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:47 pm

I think you need to communicate this subject with your partner probably during the weekend, if he does not work during weekends. Hence, he will not be tired and nervous and you can easily, quietly talk it over and overview some possible good alternative variants, which would have been suitable for both. I don't know why, but we decided on a good name for our child almost at once, so my situation was a bit different I would say.

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Re: how to choose the name

Postby Brendon » Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:18 pm

i think that i would not be able to help you with it at all. i do not know how people choose names for the children and i think that i this situation i am really helpless. but still i do not think that it is the hardest question while you are preparing to be become a parent. I think that there will be more and more problems with it for you and you just shall be ready for them. it can be a problem for you only in the case if you and your partner want to choose two different names. in all other cases i think that for you it shall not be hard at all. i wish you goo luck and i hope that for your child you will choose a good name.

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Re: how to choose the name

Postby Ryan » Mon Jan 30, 2017 3:35 pm

Here you are guys!!)) it is very interesting topic for discussion I can say)) For me it is a pleasure to communicate here with you on such themes :P :lol: I think that it is not difficult to choose the name for your baby.. On the other hand I can say that it is very very interesting. But of course I also know such situations where couples had a lot of disagreements between each other as for this theme. My partner and I decided to choose the name for our future baby thanks for the date calendar.. It is really easy and normal I think!!!! So good luck guys))

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Re: how to choose the name

Postby Barney40 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 1:07 pm

Hi guys! A very good topic for discussion! I think this is a really important issue for parents, because it is very difficult to choose an appropriate name for a child, especially if parents have different preferences. You need to be very cautious about this issue! You need to choose a name for the baby together! Every name has its meaning which somehow affects the fate of the child. Good luck choosing the perfect name for your baby!!!! ;)

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Re: how to choose the name

Postby Bredford » Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:59 pm

i understand that it may be really very hard but still it is not a problem. it is one of the questions that worries a lot of parents and you know of course i understand why it is happening so but at the same time i think that you shall not pay too much attention to the name , it is not really important, of course all the parents want to choose the best name for their child but i this case i do not think that you shall worry a lot, because it is just a name, you shall not try to choose the most exotic name, just choose the name for your child which yo really like and which means anything for you. thank you for your attention.

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