What is co-parenting?

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Re: What is co-parenting?

Postby franky » Wed Jul 13, 2016 12:23 pm

I don’t know exactly what co-parenting provide you with. But I think that that is not a way to have child, but a way to arrange your entire document. This is one of the possibilities to have rights for the child. It seems that you will be like co-parent not with other couple but with your partner. It will not depends on who is a biological father or something.

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Re: What is co-parenting?

Postby Garis » Thu Jul 14, 2016 4:14 pm

I think that there is no use in co-parenting relationships, unless you have decided to divorce. In this case, I co-parenting is the best way to organize your future life, future life of your partner and child. During the process of divorce you make a co-parenting agreement, where you together with your partner note all parents’ responsibilities, which you will fulfill after divorce. Firstly you discuss with your partner all spheres of your child’s life and decide who will do which. It includes medical. Educational, financial and entertainment spheres of your child’s life. We also can note with whom or with both of you your child will celebrate special events. Co-parenting agreement is really useful thing.

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Re: What is co-parenting?

Postby Andreas_Maroon » Fri Jul 15, 2016 10:15 am

Co-parenting was always a usual thing after the divorce - and it is considered to be a normal thing in our society. But these days this concept started to change and include more types of situations. Co-parenting for LGBT couples, for example. Regardless of my own orientation (I am gay) - I must say that this doe not seem to be a good idea, at least in the wayy some sites that I recently visited put it. The thing is two "parents" can barely know each other - they are not bonded by any kind of relations towards each other. that is not right. Even though my orientation is not traditional - i stand for traditional family values. It is one thing when the child is being raised by a single parent. But when there are 2 parents involved - and they feel being not more then "colleagues" to each other - I dont think that the kid will want to have a family when he will grow up.

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Re: What is co-parenting?

Postby Damien » Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:03 pm

Co-paranting is a kind of relations between two parents when they are not involved romantically. They may still share the responsibilities of uppbringing, but they don't date anymore or live together. Co-paranting can occur as a result of sepeartion or divorce. But to my mind it is rather bad for children because they can't understand what does it mean to live in a full and loving family!

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Re: What is co-parenting?

Postby Mike » Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:34 am

Co-parenting is a good option for the divorced couple. They sign the divorce agreement where they write all the parental responsibilities considering their child’s life. Co-parenting agreement helps to avoid quarrels and misunderstandings after divorce. I have used surrogacy program to become a father. I think it is the best and the easiest way. Surrogacy agency BioDads has done everything to complete our surrogacy program successfully.

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Re: What is co-parenting?

Postby Matthey » Fri Jul 22, 2016 10:14 am

Co-parenting is not a good way for the gay couple. I think it will be hard so set co-parenting agreement with surrogate mother. I think surrogate mother hasn’t to have any relationship with a child. It is not her child. It is kind of strange if surrogate mother treats the child like her own. It is not her child and she will not be a good mother for him. I think it will hurt a child in the future.

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Re: What is co-parenting?

Postby Archer » Fri Sep 02, 2016 1:53 pm

Adoption surrogacy.. no matter what you choose the main is to be good at the law question and in order everything is okay, try and find a good agency, who will be with you during all the sufferings, you know.. they will make the process much easier... And you must not be clever in legal questions for that. co-parenting is a thing to do ;) ;)

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Re: What is co-parenting?

Postby Fatherbest » Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:02 pm

When confident of the love of both parents, kids adjust more quickly and easily to divorce and have better self-esteem.Benefit from consistency. Co-parenting fosters similar rules, discipline, and rewards between households, so children know what to expect, and what’s expected of them.Better understand problem solving. Children who see their parents continuing to work together are more likely to learn how to effectively and peacefully solve problems themselves.Have a healthy example to follow. By cooperating with the other parent, you are establishing a life pattern your children can carry into the future. Hope that info have helped you

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Re: What is co-parenting?

Postby JinHo » Fri Jan 06, 2017 8:57 pm

Hi guys! Joint parenting is a kind of agreement after the divorce of his parents, where both parents continue a positive presence in the lives of children. It calls for stay of the child with each parent equally. An agreement on joint parenting has different meanings depending on each specific situation. Divorced parents need to restrain anger and not to interfere with each other for the sake of the child. Joint custody is good for the baby! ;)

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Re: What is co-parenting?

Postby Ryan » Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:22 am

Hello everybody and everyone here friends!!)) I am very happy to be here with you today)) For me it is a pleasure to communicate on this gay friendly website!! So of course I know that more often than not, co-parenting occurs following a separation, divorce, or break up of a romantic partnership in which children are involved. Despite the many challenges, though, psychologists say that it is possible to develop a cordial working relationship with your ex for the sake of your children. My attitude to this normal and I even can say that my friends had such experience with co-parenting.. But not I

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