Nice to meet you!

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Re: Nice to meet you!

Postby Greg » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:41 am

Nice to meet you here too!! I wish you to have a good day today :mrgreen: !! I am Greg Brown and I am very friendly person so that's why I am looking forward to your comments. I want to be well acquainted with all of you. I am looking forward to your advice or maybe some compliments :lol: :lol: I have a boyfriend and nowadays we are looking for a good surrogate agency. also I can say that in my 32 years old I am interested in night life so maybe we will meet with some of you??))) Let's try to communicate))

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Re: Nice to meet you!

Postby Stewart » Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:48 am

I want to say that I Am ready to communicate with all of you here today on this website. My name is Stewart Larison and I am registered here for some reasons. First of all I want to be helpful for all of you and to share my experience. Also I want to find a lot of friends here. I know from the comments of all my friends that there are many good and friendly people. I am a worker, I have really difficult work, but I am so proud of it. I am a translator. Also on like swimming, it is my hobby and I like it.

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Re: Nice to meet you!

Postby Alfred » Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:00 pm

Hello Romeo,thank you so much for creating this pleasant topic. I am a simple human, I have a boyfriend but he is more than just boyfriend for me ,we are going to create our own family!!! I am interested in everything crazy, sky diving, fast cars ,there are all my hobbies by the way and as usual I do it together with my boyfriend. I like when he supports my passions. It is everything for me!!!! We don't have children yet but we dream about creating family where are a lot of children. More than three that's for sure. Would be glad to help all of you with some recommendations or advice.

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Re: Nice to meet you!

Postby Willy.W » Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:42 pm

Nice to meet you here today too. You are the best for me))) My name is Willy and I have many things to tell you about myself. I am a happy not old father of two boys who are twins as well. I also have too much hobbies and interests and I hope I will tell you about them because it is my life and I am sure that you you will be interested in it))) I like traveling too andppersonally for me it is just a pleasure to discover new places for me and meet new people in new countries. So I really sincerely hope that here I will find many people with the same point of view as I have))))))

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Re: Nice to meet you!

Postby George86 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:11 am

Hello hello from me too. ) I am George and I am ready to greet all of you who are newborns here. It is pleasant for me to recognize that New Year is coming! So let me introduce myself))) I am a father of twins. Could you imagine this happiness :)) I have many hobbies and great experience in upbringing))) I am interested in sport as well, I am a basketball player and I do it from the very very childhood. It is my cup of tea in some degree. I know all difficulties in this life if you need advice i am always glad to help you.

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Re: Nice to meet you!

Postby Jay » Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:54 pm

I am Jay and I am 28 years old) I am new in here and I am really looking forward for a new friends Now let me describe my appearance. I am tall and slim and have fair hair and blue eyes.
My friends say that I am handsome. I love sports and music. I was very serious about a career in gymnastics when I was at college. But then I broke my arm and doctors didn't let me to go in for gymnastics. But still I am lucky that I can be a trainer of the school team of gymnastics. I love to listen to the modern music and dance. I dance a lot and I hope I am good at it.

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