can you accept blame?

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Steven Tyler
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can you accept blame?

Postby Steven Tyler » Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:52 pm

Things do go wrong sometimes. There are times when it's accidental. There are times when it's somebody else's fault. But at the times when you know you are at fault for the problem, the mature and responsible thing to do is stand up and own up to the mistake, accept the consequences, and be part of the solution to the problem resulting from your mistake. If you do not accept blame it will only get worse for you as your life goes on, and in many cases gets worse. Can you accept all that? Or do you think that you are always right? How do you overcome it?

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Re: can you accept blame?

Postby DaddyAdam » Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:10 am

Step up and confess as soon as you realize what went wrong. Waiting to see how things shake out is a bad idea. As soon as a situation starts going south, step up and point out where the problem started - with you, yourself. The sooner the problem is identified, the sooner a resolution is possible, and that minimizes consequences.Don't skate around the issue. This means you should state the problem directly, clearly and simply rather than beating around the bush or attempting to confuse the issue in order to make you look less responsible. Again, when problems crop up, the quickest way to the solution is simple, direct identification of the problem's origin and details. Trying to skate around an issue is just frustrating, and in the end the problem takes much longer to deal with and becomes more complicated the longer it goes on.

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Richard Hawley
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Re: can you accept blame?

Postby Richard Hawley » Tue Jul 05, 2016 12:19 pm

Don't try to shift even a part of the blame. This doesn't mean that you should accept blame that you don't deserve. Sometimes it is more than one persons fault. If you have a boss, spouse, or teacher that are understanding it can help you to acknowledge when you have made a mistake (in some cases may share partial responsibility). But saying things like, "Well, if he had or hadn't done this then I wouldn't have done that or this wouldn't have happened." It is unjustifiable. Instead, say, "I am so sorry for this. I had no idea that what I did could cause this type of problem. How can I help fix it?"

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Re: can you accept blame?

Postby Albert » Tue Jul 05, 2016 2:09 pm

Realize that the truth will be discovered eventually. It's been said, and is generally true, that "the truth is just a shortcut to what's going to happen anyway." If you're around when the truth does come out, and you haven't confessed your part in the problem, your credibility for all future situations will be compromised terribly. When others realize that you had the last clear chance to step up and own that mistake, but instead you allowed them to share blame with you, they will not appreciate it at all. When your boss realizes that you allowed others to bear responsibility for your mistake, your days will be numbered, or at the very least, your prospects for advancement will be curtailed significantly.

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Re: can you accept blame?

Postby Argo » Wed Jul 06, 2016 8:15 am

Sometimes it happen that people around us have some problems and we need to help them to find the solution. You should help solve the problem. Once you have caused a problem, do not wait to be forced or pressured to remedy it is volunteer. Do not ask if you can help - ask how you can help. Watch carefully as those who help the most do their work, and take note of the way they resolve the issue. File this information in your memory and have it handy for later use. :) :) Learning experiences that are the most painful are also often the most valuable. Remember that your mistake was just that - it was not intentional, you did not set out to deliberately cause harm or screw someone else up. And as soon as you realized that it was you who caused the problem, you stepped in, ready to help dig everyone out of the hole you put them in.

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Peter Parker
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Re: can you accept blame?

Postby Peter Parker » Wed Jul 06, 2016 9:08 am

Trust the other party to help. Hopefully, you have a decent parent, spouse or manager; or if you're in school, your teacher is fair. Assuming your boss is a good boss (or whatever authority figure is in play) is the smartest assumption to make in this case. The reality is that the person who has authority over you can protect you better than anyone else, but if you don't admit you caused a problem, there will be no shield when the truth eventually comes out. If it's a working situation, and you go to your boss as soon as you realize what's happened, s/he can help you more than you may know. Trusting your boss to help you out of a jam can actually pay big dividends later - by confessing to this problem, you've just shown your boss that if a problem is really your responsibility, you'll step up and say so. When problems crop up later and evidence points to you, if you say, "No, that wasn't me," your boss will believe you - s/he knows that you are mature enough to admit your mistakes, because you've done so in the past.

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Re: can you accept blame?

Postby Mark007 » Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:07 am

Help solve the problem. Once you've caused a problem, don't wait to be forced or pressured to remedy it - volunteer. Don't ask if you can help - ask how you can help. Watch carefully as those who help the most do their work, and take note of the way they resolve the issue. File this information in your memory and have it handy for later use.Explain yourself. Once the recovery is underway, you should try to explain what your thought process was, so that your boss, significant other or parent can understand what led you to the point where things went pear-shaped. Many times, once you've explained your thinking, others will say, "Well, that does make sense in a way, however..." By doing this, you are allowing them to help correct the way you think about things, and helping yourself for the future.

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Re: can you accept blame?

Postby Joshua » Thu Jul 21, 2016 6:15 pm

There are can be different situations. You can really be guilty. But sometimes you can be blamed not fairly. I had such experience in my previous relations. My boyfriend always was dissatisfied with everything, all around irritated him and of course it was always my guilt. He earned not enough money, he was ill, he had a bad sleep, etc. and it was always my guilt. I think in such a way we should accept blame because it is unfair. But if you really did something bad you have to find strength to admit it! It is the only way out!

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Re: can you accept blame?

Postby Tompson » Fri Jul 22, 2016 6:11 pm

You should do it only if it is your fault! Frankly when you're really guilty of something and you can accept it can make you to become better. Improvement is the result of accepting. Moreover when you accept your blame people treat you seriously. Also, you can refuse to take blame because you think that you'll suffer. But it'll only be so if you punish yourself. If you accept your mistake you won't do the same in future!

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Re: can you accept blame?

Postby Ben_Roar » Fri Jul 22, 2016 6:55 pm

Wise people never think that they can be always right. Making mistakes - is a part of human nature. And to accept your mistakes - is a part of the nature of the mature person. Each mistake is the sign - that shows us what can we improve in ourself. The understanding of the world around you, attentiveness, some skill, some nasty trait of character - that causes pain to you and people around you. Making the mistakes is an immutable part of learning .And you never need to feel guilt for them. Only way to avoid that guilt - is to do everything to prevent it from happening again, and make all that you can to correct all its consequences.

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