role of compromises

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Re: role of compromises

Postby Dorian » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:47 pm

Aim to collect wins for the relationship. Many times, when couples are in disagreement, each partner tries to prove that one of you is right. Doing this increases the distance between the two of you. Remember that trying to be right can make the relationship lose. Think like a team—each player must contribute to the win. If one player loses, everyone loses. Compromise provides a chance for the relationship to win rather than just one of you. If you keep this in mind during an argument, you are more likely to reach a solution that benefits the well-being of your relationship. The next time you and your partner are vying to be right, take a breather and consider what being right is doing for the relationship as a whole. Don't allow your pride to weaken your bond with your spouse. Try to reach the resolution that fosters growth and success for the relationship.

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Re: role of compromises

Postby Jay » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:17 pm

I think that is this really something that requires some kind of the conversation, the very special one, that you literally has to take attention to and think and talk... hmm, to tell the truth, here I have seen a lot of well-experienced people from all over the world and they really did not seem like those, who have the interested of talking about some regular stuff, that is why is feels kind of different to me. Anyway, that is not the point, right?! still, if I am here, I have to share my personal opinion too and there is the only one for now - we HAVE TO find compromises all the time, but only when the deal does not go drastically against the principles.

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