role of compromises

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Re: role of compromises

Postby ichigo » Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:15 am

Service-people fully immerse themselves in the world of bliss, the personification of wisdom and piety, support each other in any endeavor;
Friendship-accepting each other as a close person, lovers spend more time with their half, recognize themselves again, build new relationships full of madness;
Love-partners have come a long way, learned to appreciate and love for real, now they perceive each other as a whole, without Mercantile installations and cunning tricks!

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Re: role of compromises

Postby lenny » Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:49 am

The race for super-result turns a man into a workaholic. A man breeds for many years a stormy activity that leaves no room for himself. The fear of being left out of the economic game does not stop. But everyone has limits, even the most successful, smart, grasping and healthy. Men burn physically and emotionally. In addition, workaholism hides fears, anxiety and emptiness. And one day life begins to lose color, there comes an emotional numbness, perhaps indifference to life, to yourself and loved ones. A man turns into a zombie, striving for success, forgetting that he wanted, after earning money, ceases to see goals, or his victories no longer give energy, and life begins to have a fresh taste, and sometimes, sorry, bad smell. He ceases to enjoy life, simple things and spiritual communication.

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