Horrible feeling

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Horrible feeling

Postby Bred » Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:16 am

Hi guys!!!!how are you ???How is your second half???As for me,I have bad news((((I am dating a guy for 5 years,we have a good trusting relationship,but now I'm beginning to doubt it....It seems to me that he was cheating on me,and I think so because he has infected me(((((Oh,it's awful!!!!!!!!!!The fact that after sex I feel bad and my penis(((((It became red and swollen((((I don't know what is it :( :( :( :( .....I asked my boyfriend whether he is true to me,told him about my problems,complained to him....But he anyway(((((I don't know what to do with my health....What is wrong with me????what doctor can I go???What do you think may be with my penis???Guys,help!!!!!!!!!I don't know what to do (((With me- this situation for the first time....It's a horrible feeling,my health is bad and my boyfriend cheating on me .......Help!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you in advance for your help and advice !!! :( :( :(

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Re: Horrible feeling

Postby Romeo » Fri Mar 18, 2016 4:31 pm

Hi, Bred! My name is Romeo and it's nice to meet you! I am fine, thank you :) But it's a pitty that you can not say the same...
But i seem to know what it is with you...Some years ago before my marriage i had intime relations with one guy after whom i noticed the same lile you do - my penis was red and swollen. And when i came to see a doctor, he told me that sensation of swelling in, on or around penis may cause it to feel red, inflamed and tender and infection is a common cause of swelling and inflammation. And after some tests he diagnosed that it was balanitis, an inflammation of the foreskin, a condition often caused by poor hygiene, infection, or irritation. He prescribed me some pills and i felt better, fortunately i left my bed after couple of weeks. So, i advice you to go to the doctor and check what kind of infection you have :!:

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Re: Horrible feeling

Postby DaddyAdam » Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:16 pm

aw man. you are in a trouble! Immediately go to the doctors office! do not wait for the things to get worse! You should visit urologist or even venereal disease specialist. those men know everything about sexual transmited diseases. he will help you for sure!
as for your boyfriend - well it is time to say goodbye i think. he cheated on you - that is obvious. and still he is lying about that. you do not deserve to be with such an person! he does not care about himself and he doesn not care about you and your health. even after you showed him facts and complained on your diseases!

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Re: Horrible feeling

Postby Alan » Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:10 pm

Bred, to be honest, I am very sorry about your situation. I have never faced this problem, Thanks God, that's why I am not able to help you by useful, and needed advice, but I am really sure, that it may be something very dangerous, and serious. So, don't delay the visiting to doctor, because later may be too late.

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Re: Horrible feeling

Postby Mark » Tue May 17, 2016 11:49 pm

do not worry so much because of the man. you will have such situationd during all your life.
i think that you should let him go, because i think that he does not love you. and it will be better to brake up with him for all your life.you should be strong. you understand this i hope. try to think not about him, but about different interesting things in your life.
i hope that you could do this, because it is the best way to cope with all your problrms. also you can find a new friend and who knows maybe he can be your future sweetheart.

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Re: Horrible feeling

Postby Albert » Fri May 20, 2016 5:58 pm

Do not be that fast. Calm down. Maybe everything is not that bad. It may simply be a hygiene problem. If you do not wash under the foreskin, a cheesy material, called smegma, accumulates. This can become infected and cause irritation. The solution is to wash carefully with warm water to which you have added enough kitchen salt to make it taste like seawater. In part 1 of Dr Phil Hammond's penis trilogy, he discusses the head of the penis and foreskin, and how to keep it clean. So see your doctor and tell us how you feeling so far! Luck man!

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Re: Horrible feeling

Postby JayCee » Fri May 20, 2016 7:26 pm

Well,what can I say-are uyou sure it's some kind of disease that you've contracted from your partner?Maybe it's something in you,I don't know-maybe you shouldgo and visit a doctor first,dude?He'll tell you exactly what it is and then you'll make some decisions about it all-I think that would be the right way to do it all,you know what I'm saying? ;) But you can sit down and talk to your partner still about it all-but he have to be real serious about it,it's not some kind of game.If he loves you-there's not supposed to be that type of behaviour by him,at least,that's what I think. ;) 8-)

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Re: Horrible feeling

Postby Tom » Tue May 24, 2016 8:28 am

Sometimes we can have painfull feeling during sex , there are many reasons of it. Sometimes, men have had nerve-wracking sexual encounters early in life, in which they were pressured to wrap things up early due to external circumstances. This can lead to men developing a psychological habit of ejaculating prematurely. Men might experience feelings of guilt during a sexual encounter, especially if they are cheating on their partner. To deal with these emotions, men might pressure themselves to conclude their shameful trysts as soon as possible.Men with physical problems can struggle with controlling their orgasms. Biological reasons for premature ejaculations include abnormal hormone levels, an excessive amount of neurotransmitters in the brain, inflammation of the prostate and urethra and thyroid irregularities.

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Re: Horrible feeling

Postby HanLee » Wed May 25, 2016 10:21 am

as for your health problems, I am really sorry and think you have to ask a doctor about it. but if you want to find out whether your man cheats, here are some advice: Look for changes in... Spending. Often, having a hot romantic affair can greatly change spending habits. For a girlfriend or wife, it may mean less money spent on daily meals, since a boyfriend may be buying lunches frequently, or for a guy, he may be buying flowers or lunches, or even paying for an apartment or motel room. Behavior. If he/she usually has a set time for getting home from work and all the sudden, there are "after work meetings" or sudden trips to Walmart at odd hours. Dress, hairstyle, sexual activity (more OR less). These changes could be indicative of trying to attract or please someone new Ordinary things, like lipstick on his collar, or her returning home smelling different. Mileage on their vehicle. Have they been doing a lot of unexplained traveling? How very interesting....

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Re: Horrible feeling

Postby Stephen » Sat May 28, 2016 7:05 pm

You know what you can really do with that horrible feeling of yours-I mean for really real,what can you do with it? :D I'll tell you what-you can easily put it in your f*cking ass and then just fart it the f*ck out,you know what I'm saying? :lol: :P :twisted: :mrgreen: Cause that's what exactly that feeling of yours is worth anyway,if you ask me. 8-) :mrgreen: You want to know why,don't you?Alright,I'll tell you-because I'm real f*cking tired of you stupid mother f*ckers bringing all your bullsh*t here and just be whining about it all the time,instead of sitting down with your partner and having a conversation about this bullsh*t. :P :) :lol: :D 8-) :twisted: :mrgreen: :roll: :geek:

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