benefits of olive oil

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Re: benefits of olive oil

Postby Mark007 » Tue Jun 28, 2016 4:49 pm

Cooking – Start using organic extra virgin olive oil for cooking or as a replacement whenever a recipe calls for butter.Body Oil – Rub it on your body or face after washing. You don’t need a lot to get great skin moisturizing benefits. You might even trying shaving with it or using it to remove makeup.Control Hair Frizz, Dry Cuticles & Nails – Just comb a drop of organic olive oil through your hair to control fly-aways, frizz, split ends and dry scalp. Rub it into nail cuticles and nails for a naturally polished look.Control a Nagging Cough or Scratchy Throat – Swallow a tablespoon to soothe a dry or irritated throat.Shine Stainless Pots & Pans – Organic olive oil will prevent streaking and tarnishing and naturally condition your pots and pans. Also a great natural furniture polish for wood finishings.Lip Balm – Organic olive oil is the perfect lip balm to keep chapped lips at bay. It’s also great to use on your hands as a soothing hand lotion in winter.Bath Oil – Add a few drops of organic olive oil to the water you’re running for your bath. The benefits to your skin will be obvious even after the first time you use it.Health & digestion – A table spoon of organic extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon daily will help improve your digestive health and improve many skin conditions as well as many other beneficial health factors.

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Natan Scot
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Re: benefits of olive oil

Postby Natan Scot » Wed Jul 13, 2016 11:44 am

It is usufull in most spheres, starting from cusine and cosmetology. Olive oil is one of the most sought after natural oils for skin care. In fact olive oil has been used as an ancient remedy for skin care during the Egyptian civilization and it is still widely used today. Everything from stretch mark therapy, acne therapy and anti-aging therapy have been used for a long time. The general population will most likely use olive oil as a food condiment but in fact, it has far more use than just a dip with bread or on your plate of spaghetti. In this article the following benefits and how olive oil can help hydrate your skin, reduce inflammation, and more.

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Re: benefits of olive oil

Postby Argo » Wed Jul 13, 2016 4:29 pm

Hi everybode here) Nice to meet you all here) Regular or pure olive oil has been chemically refined and filtered to neutralize both undesirable strong tastes and acid content. This olive oil is of lower quality and usually the least expensive. Cold pressed olive oil is an unregulated label description. Back when olive oil was pressed the second time using hot water and steam to extract the last drop, the heat during the second pressing took away the delicate flavors. Today, premium olive oil is cold pressed, which means the olive paste is gently warmed to room temperature to avoid losing taste and pressing is done in winter, when it’s cold, to further retain flavor.

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Re: benefits of olive oil

Postby Robb » Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:25 pm

personally i have not heard that olive oil is very helpful for your potency but still i think that if you follow a healthy diet and you worry much about your body then you definitely have to use it. and it is very practical. first of all you may add it to salads and fry on it. then you may do different masks for your skin and even for the hair. i do not have any other oil at home except olive one and i can tell you that i am a big fan of it. and it is really very delicious. i think that it is a perfect variant for cooking. that is it.

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Re: benefits of olive oil

Postby Daymont » Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:24 pm

Hi guys) Olive oil is truly a powerhouse when it comes to hair, skin and beauty applications. Its rich, moisturizing properties make it ideal for use on your hair. While you may immediately think of olive oil for cooking, keeping a bottle of olive oil handy in your bathroom can help your hair look healthier, stronger and shinier. Whether you use it as your regular conditioner, a hot oil treatment or as a hair finishing product, your mane is bound to reap the many benefits of olive oil. Olive oil mixed with lemon juice can help treat problem dandruff. Usually caused by dry, flaky skin, the acidic lemon juice helps loosen dandruff while the olive oil moisturizes the new, exfoliated layer of skin.

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Re: benefits of olive oil

Postby Stephan » Mon Jul 18, 2016 11:11 am

Since i am living with my husband i always use olive oil, cause he has diabetes. ANd olive oil is very good and a perfect for such occasions. Such low-fat diet is often recommended for those who want to prevent various serious diseases, like diabetes and heart disease. Actually, high fat diets might increase the potential risk of some diseases, such as cancer or diabetes. Diabetes leads to severe spikes as well as drops in the blood sugar levels; thus, people with this problem have to be so careful to maintain the blood sugar levels stably. One solution is to eat a diet that is low in carborhydrates. However, nowadays, experts indicate that diet rich in monounsaturated fat, which is found in olive oil, is much effective compared with the first solution. everything i cook i do with olive oil. all the salads and even fri potatoes... ;)

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Re: benefits of olive oil

Postby Adam » Sun Jul 31, 2016 6:01 pm

Unlike other oils, olive oil contains only polyunsaturated fats that maintain an optimal level of cholesterol in the blood cells and supplying nutrients substances. Olive oil also contains substances that prevent the development of cancer. For example, oleic acid reduces the risk of tumors. Other compounds, squalene, slow the growth of malignant cells. Olive oil is widely used in cooking. It is used in various dishes to enhance flavor and texture and to give the products some healing effect. Besides cooking, olive oil has been used in cosmetology. The gentle fragrance oil does not clog the skin pores, it nourishes the epidermis, prevents fading and over drying. Skin breathing activates the activity of sebaceous glands to normal.

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Re: benefits of olive oil

Postby Danny Mitchell » Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:38 pm

I use olive oil in the kitchen (especially since it’s delicious, and healthy for your heart too) but I also use it in several other rooms in the house.The biggest benefit is that olive oil contains four different antioxidants, which help fight off the free radicals that cause aging and skin damage

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Re: benefits of olive oil

Postby Chase » Sun Aug 07, 2016 10:51 am

there are a lot of benefits of the olive oil but not all of them are proven. olive oil, along with other components of a Mediterranean diet, may contribute to the prevention of malignant melanoma. the most dangerous type of skin cancer may be slowed down by consumption of olive oil, which is rich in antioxidants, the researchers found. a diet rich in olive oil can protect from mental illness. a higher intake of olive oil and polyunsaturated fats found in fatty fish and vegetable oils was associated with a lower risk of depression.

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Re: benefits of olive oil

Postby florian » Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:21 pm

There are many benefit of olive oil, some of them are that olive oil is naturally cholesterol-, sodium- and carbohydrate-free, approximately 75 percent of that oil is heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acid, Olive oil facilitates overall digestion and absorption of nutrients, including crucial fat-soluble vitamins.

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