How to wean a baby to sleep with parents?

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Re: How to wean a baby to sleep with parents?

Postby Andrew » Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:44 pm

Firstly, I would like to say that a baby should sleep separately from her parent from the very childhood. Maybe it is not so comfortable for parents themselves, but then you should not to wean your baby to sleep with parents and ask such questions ;) ;) ;) :!: :!: But if you want to wean your child you should make it sleep alone not at once, but step by step :!: :!: :roll: ;) ;)

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Re: How to wean a baby to sleep with parents?

Postby Jim » Tue Sep 27, 2016 4:21 pm

There are both advantages and disadvantages of co-sleeping with children, you see :) :) ;) ;) ;) It is really convinient for parents, as they do not have to get up and go to their children's bed, when he has any problems. But some problems will appear sooner, when your child gets older and has to sleep on his own, but he will afraid, as he used to sleep with his parents. So, in order not to wean your baby to sleep with parents, you should not make him use to sleep with you.

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Re: How to wean a baby to sleep with parents?

Postby Fatherbest » Tue Sep 27, 2016 7:13 pm

Then, when the baby gets used to sleep quietly, the crib can be attributed to the nursery, if there is any. Went to bed, keep the kid by the hand, be with him until he falls asleep. As a method of weaning your baby sleep with you, you can use his favorite toy, which is necessary to put between you and the child. Toy will be the embodiment of a kind of barrier between you and the baby, he gradually begins to get used to it. Very often during accustoming children to sleep alone, they often acquire different fears. At these moments, it is recommended for some time (a few days) to sleep with the baby in his room until he gets used to the new environment and realizes that he is safe.

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Re: How to wean a baby to sleep with parents?

Postby Harry » Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:12 am

i think that you shall be very careful with it because the child got used to sleeping with you and he may have a lot of fears because of sleeping alone. i think that it is really a very big problem. but you shall understand that your child shall not be under the pressure, you shall do it step by step and then you would not have any difficulties. at first let your child sleep with your at night, but for example in the day tell him to sleep in his room alone. with the help of it, he would understand that it is not really scary to sleep alone and he would do it without nay difficulties. i think that you would succeed in it. :) :) :) :) :)

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Re: How to wean a baby to sleep with parents?

Postby Ken1 » Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:24 pm

Preferably, this process is to start in two to three years. Just at this age, there is a crisis of independence, when your child wants to be independent, and, increasingly, repeats: "I myself" .If grown-up kid does not intend to go to bed, he sleeps in the parents' bed - reading stories, perform other rituals before going to bed who wound up in the family, and then transferred to the sleeping child in his bed. This can be considered a good method, if it does not have very violent reaction in the morning because the absence of parents, and therefore would not have stress. No matter what situation may be, you must always listen to your child and his feelings. This is how you choose the optimal strategy of how to wean the baby to sleep with you.

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Re: How to wean a baby to sleep with parents?

Postby Mikey » Fri Oct 14, 2016 12:05 am

Yeah, I know that in many families for a long time a child sleeps with his parents. Of course there are many pros and cons of this approach, and there are several polar views on the admissibility and importance of sharing a night's sleep. So, personally I think that a child should sleep in his own bed from the very borth in order there is no problems in the future while weaning him from it ;) ;) ;)

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Re: How to wean a baby to sleep with parents?

Postby JinHo » Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:38 am

I think that the child should sleep separately! But if the child wants to sleep with you you can buy him a nice bed. To purchase a new bed with children's heroes! To buy a beautiful lamp that the child be not afraid! It is important that children from birth knew that there is a living space of other people and their own!!!! ;) ;) ;) Each family determines the sleep system and this system should be convenient for a particular family, not a pediatrician or psychologist. :oops: ;)

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Re: How to wean a baby to sleep with parents?

Postby Ross » Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:03 pm

we have not faced this problem and i am really happy because of it because when i am talking with my friends about it ,they tell that it is a real disaster, and they can not do anything with it. they try to explain to their child that it is not good to sleep with the parent but the child just does not understand and wants to sleep with them , i think that it is a real problem for them . but still you shall make some decisions and you shall do something. i think that the best thing would be to tell the child that he is mature enough to sleep alone and he has to have his own room for that, and the parents shall also have it. i think that you will succeed.

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Re: How to wean a baby to sleep with parents?

Postby Nick » Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:57 pm

Hello friends here!!I think that to wean our kids to sleep with us we should create for them comfortable corner,when they can sleep.You can also facilitate your life, having just delivered a crib near own bed, having removed previously one of its walls and having adjusted height. Having heard as the kid cries, you will get him and feed or you will comfort without efforts, and then you will return him into place. As the child grows, you will just remove his bed on convenient for him and for you distance. It is much more difficult to accustom the child to sleep in the certain room. Usually, aged, when parents try to disaccustom the child to a joint dream, it has children's fears, one of which – fear of darkness. :cry: :(

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Re: How to wean a baby to sleep with parents?

Postby Elvis » Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:10 pm

Hello my dear dads))Nice to meet you here again))If the kid slept together with you, and now it is time to accustom him to independence, you need to have patient. And the most important — be consecutive.Process of weaning a baby to sleep with parents is differently. One can be naughty couple of days, and then very quietly fall asleep in the bed. And here others suit these hysterics, starving parents out. And here it is very important not to give in on similar provocations because, having felt a weak point, the child will manipulate you. For a start deliver its bed in a bedroom near the that the kid was disaccustomed gradually. Approximately in two weeks when he gets used, remove a bed in a far corner of the room.When the child gets used to fall asleep in the bed, it can be rearranged to the nursery if it is. Lay the kid, sit with him nearby, give him your hand, wait until he falls asleep. :D :D

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