Children’s appearance

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Children’s appearance

Postby Damien » Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:49 pm

What if ... the child is dissatisfied with his appearance? I know that it happens at any age ... The most offensive of all the inequalities - beauty inequality. And it seems to me that the gender of your child does not matter, because sooner or later, both boys and girls are thinking about how they look. This is especially true for teenagers, but this problem can occur at any age. What can parents do to help a child come to terms with the way he looks?

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Re: Children’s appearance

Postby Archer » Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:57 pm

untill my eighteen i was really distressful because of my appearence. i felt like i was sooo ugly, you know and noone could help me even my parents. :x For sure they were saying i am the cutest kid in the world, but they are the parents.. however after meeting my first partner i got that i am okay and accepted myself as i am, cause me is the only one who is going to be with me til the end.

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Re: Children’s appearance

Postby Joshua » Tue Aug 30, 2016 5:06 pm

If your child, so to speak, does not threaten to become the face of the year, do not ship it by talking of the personality, which is higher than beauty. For the child it is important to know that face and figure and posture and gait - everything will change a thousand times. In ten years - a beauty, twelve - is quite different, and in sixteen it is also different... A healthy and cheerful child is always beautiful. Explain the son or daughter that cleanliness, freshness, friendliness - is half of the appeal. The main thing - to prevent the appearance of ugly complex of the child. Ongoing, but not fixing the attention on this, remind your child that he is delightful, it looks good and - most importantly you need to show your endless love.

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Mike Liner
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Re: Children’s appearance

Postby Mike Liner » Tue Aug 30, 2016 6:28 pm

Yeh, the problem about how they look is especially popular with teenagers, you are right ;) :? :? Teenagers are always not saticfied with the think how they look like, you know :( :o Some of them also have some problems with their skin, and they worry about it too much :cry: :cry: I think parents should support them, tell that everything will be okey :P ;) ;)

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Re: Children’s appearance

Postby Tompson » Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:00 pm

Explain to your child that the appearance - it's not only facial features. All that the person inside is reflected on his face. Sparkling smile, bright eyes, friendliness, good humor makes a person attractive. Even the written handsome and beautiful with extinct eyes do not cause admiration. Put in a child's room mirror. Often look at it, the child will take their appearance as it is, and no longer worry about. Explain to your child that if his teasing, it means that he is not like the others, that people pay attention to it. And it also means something. You cannot allow the child to have complexes about his appearance. Speak kindly with your child about how you love him. Buy him some beautiful thing, comb it, make sure that he is handsome, and let him see this.

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Re: Children’s appearance

Postby Paul_O » Mon Sep 05, 2016 8:47 pm

Tompson wrote:Explain to your child that the appearance - it's not only facial features.

Of course, you can tell your child that "the inner beauty is the only thing that matters". But let's be honest - that is not true. you would not want to make friends , or to be a lover of a person who looks ugly. there are 2 cases, that may occur here. If there is something can be done to the appearance (I do not mean the plastics, of course). For example - if the girl is fat - make her start doing some exercises, instead of convincing her that everyone should take her the way she is. And if the child has really unpleasant facial features, well, in this case it is better to compensate that flaw with some other traits.. If the guy is not handsome - but he is a great football player, or a great musician - no one will care about his face. Paganini as a great example.

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Re: Children’s appearance

Postby Rich14 » Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:17 pm

Every child is unique in his way. What is not attractive for one person can be quite good for another. Compexity, colour of skin, eyes are very different. First a child must like and accept the appearance given by nature. For this parents can encourage children, remind about their individuality and natural beauty. Sure thing we can take children shopping or hairdressing saloon. Tell them once more they look brilliant in new clothes and style. Admire your children. They must like their appearance.

Jeffrey Wilson
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Re: Children’s appearance

Postby Jeffrey Wilson » Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:05 pm

Every person is beautiful. But teenagers think that they are not beautiful or handsome enough and they try to change their appearance as soon as possible and as much as it is possible. But when parents of these children support these changes they make the situation only worse. From the very childhood parents should not compare their children to another children telling something like Oh baby look at this girl who good and responsible she is not like you. It concerns also beauty. Parents have to see individuality at their child and always tell him or her how smart, responsible, beautiful, handsome she or he is.

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Re: Children’s appearance

Postby Williams » Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:02 pm

i understand it very good because i was also the same, i was worrying about my appearance a lot and i could not understand why i look so. i though that i was not handsome and i was thinking and i would never meet a partner for me. but then i have understood that it was just because of my age and everything has changed with the time i think that your child just needs your support and you shall not think that it is not important for him. i think that you really play very important role in the life of your child and you are the person who may change his attitude to the appearance. that is it . wish you good luck.

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Re: Children’s appearance

Postby JohnBrown » Fri Sep 09, 2016 9:09 pm

Children usually worry about their appearance when they are teenagers. And that's a next stage of their development. If you notice that your child are worrying about his/her appearance, just sit down near and talk sincerely to your kid, explaining that he/she is your greatest happiness and he/she looks really amazing.

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