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Re: Children

Postby Aslan » Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:26 pm

hi there) this type of thing should be discussed before the procedure when you go to some centres. The people in there will tell you everything about the surrogasy and her also. I think the possibility can beif somrthing happend with the new parents( died in the car accident, divorces ,etc.) Buit again all should be discussed and signed before the pregnancy!

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Re: Children

Postby Newton » Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:19 pm

yes of course it is possible for her to have children after the surrogacy and i think that you understand it. of course i am not really a professional in it and i do not know everything very good but i think that why not, of course it would be better to ask the doctor about it because he would help her with it in the better way and i think that you understand what i mean. but i think that i am thinking in the right way because it would be really very strange if she could not. i hope that you would not know the right answer and your friend would make the right decision whether to go through it or not.

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Re: Children

Postby Constantine » Fri Mar 31, 2017 4:22 pm

My greetings, guys. Happy to see all of you right here, at the disucssion.. is not it nice that we have such a wide community we can rely on?! ;) going back to the theme we have been talking about, I would really be happy to tell you that it is interesting for me and in addition, I would be happy to tell you that egg donation is NOT the surrogacy..! there is a HUGE difference between these two definitions, you have to remember it... :geek: so, as I get it right, your girl friend will be an egg donor, thus she can have a baby and make the other donation wherever she want to...

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Re: Children

Postby Stefan » Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:56 pm

i think that it is little bit stupid question, i think that you shall understand that of course she would b able to have children after that and it really goes without saying. why she shall not have any children after it, i think that you know that it is really possible to be the donor for several times and that is why it is not raelly problematic or anything like that, i think that you realise what i am talking about. i wish you good luck and i hope that if your friends has some other questions about it then she would ask the doctor or the agency, it would be easier. good luck.

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Re: Children

Postby Barney40 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:04 pm

Hi! How's it going? What's new with you guys? Today very good weather outside! You have a very difficult question, I don't even know what to answer!!! You just have to ask questions to the expert! I think that this is really hard, and you should just ask the doctor a question! :mrgreen: :geek: :ugeek: :geek: :mrgreen:

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Re: Children

Postby David7 » Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:51 pm

of course it is possible, it is like she is pregnant for one time and then she wants to have the second child, it is the same thing and she shall not worry about it, everything would be good and of course she would be able to become the parent for the second time it is not problems, she just shall understand that it is her health and she shall take care about it and it depends on it whether she would be able to have the child or not, but i hope that she actually will and it will not cause her any obstacles on the way. but it would be better if she has the child before the surrogacy, i think that it is better.

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Re: Children

Postby Eduardo » Thu May 04, 2017 1:45 pm

I bet that is really not a problem at all..! definitely, there has to be the way out of it.. so, It was really not clear to me in the initial part...?! she is going to make the egg donation to the surrogacy clinic? or she is going to become the surrogate mother?! ;) both options are cool and I sincerely happy to learn that there are such kind of young girls, who are ready to help childless coupled and help them to get that real happiness of the parenthood..! how lovely is that?! :) I also sincerely believe that if she will be suitable for the surrogate mother's role, then she will be able to have her own baby with the time too... :!:

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Re: Children

Postby JaredJey » Wed May 10, 2017 2:42 pm

I think this is really hard, and you should just ask the doctor about this, if not read on the Internet. I think it may cause your friend some difficulties to find such information on the Internet, but I think it would be better to go to a surrogacy Agency and just ask there, I think that then she would know that and not to worry about it. ;)

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Re: Children

Postby Simson » Sat May 13, 2017 12:37 pm

I am happy to write here for all of you!! :mrgreen: How are you doing today?? Are you in a good mood I hope? :lol: So to tell the truth I am not a specialist in such deals but as I know after surrogate procedure everything will be okey and I hope that you friend who is girl will have children but in a some time I think, almost in a year if I am not mistaken.. In any case I am not sure in my answer.. I can say that you should refer to some surrogate agency as for this question..Exactly managers there can help you))) :D :D

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Re: Children

Postby Justin21 » Tue May 16, 2017 6:36 pm

i do not understand why you worry about that I think that she shall worry about it more and she shall try to know more about it. if she wants to go through the surrogacy then i do not think that it is so simple she needs really lots of time and she needs lots of preparation for that. she shall know all the aspects and all the small things. i do not know whether i can help you, i think that i would not be able to help you because i am not familiar with it but you know in the future if she wants then she would know. but i think that it is possible to overcome the difficulties and she would be the mother for the second time.

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