how TV effects on child

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Re: how TV effects on child

Postby Harry » Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:30 pm

welll i can not tell you that tv affects the child definitely in the bad way. i do not think so. because i was brought with the help of tv, because my parents did not have enough time sometimes to play with me and it was just easier for them to turn the tv on and just not to spend some time with me. and of course i understand them in it. it is normal because we al are people and sometimes we are tired. but i think that you shall know what your child is watching because if he watches some stupid cartoons then i think that they would definitely have negative influence on the child. that is for sure. :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Re: how TV effects on child

Postby Ken1 » Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:54 pm

Worse, it steals time for activities that actually develop her brain, like interacting with other people and playing. A child learns a lot more efficiently from real interaction – with people and things, rather than things she sees on a video screen.TV viewing takes away the time that your child needs to develop important skills like language, creativity, motor, and social skills. These skills are developed in the kids’ first two years (a critical time for brain development) through play, exploration, and conversation. Your kid’s language skills, for example, do not improve by passively listening to the TV. It is developed by interacting with people, when talking and listening is used in the context of real life.

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Re: how TV effects on child

Postby Nick » Mon Nov 28, 2016 3:50 pm

Hello everybody and everyone!!))) Nice to meet you here again I hope you are ready for good conversation :)))So of course TV is really good and I think that it is one of the simple and interesting method to have rest)) You may find on TV aaaaall programs what you only want!! But we should remember that moreover TV also has bad effects on our children. I mean that at night there are a lot of films or programs which are forbidden for children.. And our authority not to do with it anything. But must!! Cause after the rude films or programs our children becomes angry and even maniacs.. Yes!! It is terrible I think.

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Re: how TV effects on child

Postby Elvis » Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:43 pm

Hi guys))Nice to meet you again))As I know first, the TV in large volume causes dependence. Secondly, viewing of TV provokes infantilism formation. The television accustoms the child to perception of the world, far from reality. Watching of the TV doesn't develop children`s logic, doesn't teach judgment of the facts, images. But the regular sitting in front of the screen stimulates development of impulsiveness, a disorganization and kills motivation. An autism, a syndrome of deficiency of attention, an obesity, a diabetes mellitus – scientists in case of constant watching of the TV warn us about it. The fact that dependence on TV leads to early puberty at girls ,as i know :roll: :roll:

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Re: how TV effects on child

Postby Ray00 » Sat Dec 17, 2016 8:01 am

i do not think that it affects on the child in a good way, i even think that it is bad for the child in many aspects, i think that we shall start from the health of the child, i think that everyone knows that tv is bad for children because it hurts their eyesight and that is why you shall not let your child spend all his time in front fo the screen. and of course i think that you understand that tv also affects the mental condition of your child, if he looks really some stupid films, cartoons or programmes then i think that you shall stop it because they definitely influence him in a bad way, i am just sure in it. good luck my friend. ;) ;)

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Re: how TV effects on child

Postby Mr.Rich » Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:22 pm

You know Mark, nowadays I can say with the great sureness that TV has really bad influence on our children!!! And you know sometimes I even think what can be useful in TV for our children?? So you should agree with me... Nowadays there are a little useful programs for children that we had in our childhood, yeees guys even in our childhood when there were a little of everything we had really normal TV program.. Now there are a lot of cruel and angry films on TV. Also I can say that even some programs that should be showed after 12 p.m and only for persons after 18 such programs are showed in daily time when our children is watching TV and exactly I am sure that such programs have really big influence on the psychic of our children

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Re: how TV effects on child

Postby PatrikMilleur » Wed Dec 21, 2016 12:12 pm

Some believe the TV is terribly bad for the baby. Others believe that TV contributes to child development. ;) ;) ;) TV in large volume causes addiction. Television accustoms the child to the perception of the world, far from reality. Watching television does not develop our logic does not teach understanding facts, images. ;) ;) ;) :( Leave the child alone with the TV – the safest opportunity to take a child for a long time. It is the opinion of many modern parents. ;) :( :( I suggest to play with the kids on the street! To walk with the children to the zoo Dolphinarium! It is important for children's development! ;)

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Re: how TV effects on child

Postby Mark27 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:39 am

Hello everybody and everyone here friends!!)) I am glad to be here with all of you)) :P :lol: I am an active user of this gay friendly website!! I would like to say that I am more than sure in the opinion that It is common for parents and caregivers to use TV as a substitute babysitter. Also, many parents buy videos that they think can make their kids smart.But some parents forget about negative influence of the TV!! And when they live their children alone TV they forget that the advertisement between good films can be really bad and has awful influence.

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Re: how TV effects on child

Postby Newton » Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:45 pm

i do not know, of course i have heard that a lot of people tell that tv affects the child not in a good way and i think that you understand what i am talking about but in general i do not think that it is really as bad as all the people are talking about it and i think that you shall realise it, of course maybe it is not as good but i think that it is really impossible to isolate your child from it an di think that you understand it, of course it is your choice and you decide what to do but i think that you shall not try to hide the tv from your child just let him watch only good series and cartoons.

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Re: how TV effects on child

Postby Barney40 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:31 pm

Hi all. How are you? Very good weather outside! I agree with you that the majority of experts believe that TV has bad influence on children!!! TV exposes your kid to negative influences and promotes negative behavior. TV shows and commercials usually show violence, alcohol, drugs and sex in a positive light. You need to restrict TV viewing for a child. :mrgreen:

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