How divorce affects children

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Re: How divorce affects children

Postby Odin » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:19 pm

i do not know it from my won experience but you know i am mature person and i can think about everything. divorce affects the child int he negative way and i think that you understand it, there is even no need to think about it and to understand it, of course it is very bad for the child and i think that you know what i mean, it is life and you shall think about your child and if the child sees that you have the problems in the family and that you are quarreling, of course, it affects its behaviour and general attitude to everything, i think that it is not good. maybe I am not right.

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Re: How divorce affects children

Postby Brest » Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:57 pm

the one thing that i can tell you about it divorce is not anything new for anyone and i think that you know it and you can think about it bt of course for the child it is big stress because he got used to see both parents at home and then something changes and he sees only one and there are all the time problems and everything like that, i think that it is very hard of course but if you can not find the way out then i think that it would be the hardest thing for you in your life, of course life is life and divorce is divorce but it is better to save the family. that is what i can tell you about it.

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Re: How divorce affects children

Postby Kris5 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:15 pm

i do not even want to think about it because it is not good topic and hope that children would not know that. i have never experienced it and i think that it is really very hard to judge it,but i think that in most families it is better to divorce than to quarrel all the time and i think that you shall know it. but of course the child suffers and maybe the child does not understand whether it is good for the family or not but i think that he or she feels the lack of attention and of course it is bad for the child, you shall solve that problem and everything would be good. that is it.

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Re: How divorce affects children

Postby Adam31 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:39 pm

Every child wants to have a mother and a father together with them, and when parents divorce, than children think that it is their fault. And what is more horrible, is that it is sometimes one parent forbids to see the other parent to visit his child. I think that it is a very bad idea. No matter what the relationa are between the parents, it shouldn't involve their child.

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Re: How divorce affects children

Postby Edgar » Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:10 pm

I don't have such experience, but I know some families where parents divorced. Divorce affects children lot. Children think, that their parents divorce because of them. They think that it is their fault. Especially divorce affects them when one of the parents get the guardianship for the child and doesn't allow child to see with the other parent. Sometimes parents are so mad because of some their misunderstandings, they don't even let to see the other parent. It is a very bad thing when parents are trying to take their revenge to their ex spouses. Children are very nervous because of such situation, they always think that it is their foult. If you divorce, than don't forget about your children.

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Re: How divorce affects children

Postby Kane » Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:10 pm

How children are affected by divorce is a question of huge importance to your children and, of course, to you. Sadly, experts sometimes are confused about how divorce affects children, and they can offer parents conflicting advice. First of all, divorce is almost always stressful for children. Most children do not want their parents to separate (unless the marriage was full of intense conflict and anger or other sources of misery not suitable for children). Divorce also can strain parent-child relationships, lead to lost contact with one parent, create economic hardships, and increase conflict between parents. For all these reasons, most children have a hard time during the divorce transition. How long the transition lasts depends upon on how calm or how chaotic you and your ex make it. Parents who do a good job managing the stresses of divorce for children often are surprised by how quickly their kids make the adjustment.

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Re: How divorce affects children

Postby Sam35 » Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:21 am

Going through a divorce will significantly affect your children. That said, divorce may actually lead to healthier relationships between everyone involved in the long run. While getting used to new situations and new family dynamics will likely lead to tension and conflict between you and your children, you can learn to help your children cope with initial emotions and adjust to their new lives following your divorce. Tell your children as soon as possible. Once it has become certain that you and your spouse will be separating, you need to let your kids know. Make sure you’re calm and composed when you decide to tell your children, and have them sit down with you somewhere private. If your children immediately has a lot of questions, tell them that things will be different, but that you all will address each issue as they come up.

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Re: How divorce affects children

Postby Dorian » Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:28 pm

Allow specific circumstances to dictate some decisions. If you and your spouse have decided to separate amicably, you should tell your children about the divorce together. This will convey that you and your spouse still respect one another, and that you both will still be actively involved in your children's lives. If the separation is hostile, it will likely be better to tell your children on your own, in a calm environment. If you have multiple children, especially if they are of similar ages, you should sit them down and give them the news at the same time. If you have children of significantly different ages, you may want to tell older children first. If they have specific questions, you'll be able to respond to them more directly.

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Re: How divorce affects children

Postby George86 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:56 am

Of course divorce has really negative influence on children.. But you know I think that everything depends on the situation in family, for example if one of parent really offends another one, or even offends children what is rather worse. The creator of this topic said truth that divorce introduces a massive change into the life of a boy or girl no matter what the age. Witnessing loss of love between parents, having parents break their marriage commitment, adjusting to going back and forth between two different households, and the daily absence of one parent while living with the other.

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Re: How divorce affects children

Postby Orlando » Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:18 am

Though divorces may be different as well. there are ones that go smoothly - as the natural ending of relations , when two adult people feel that they just nee to let each other go. In that case the kid may not even notice that something is happening, first of all, because parents will not show any bad emotions in his presence.
But on the other hand there are divorces with screams, tears, crying -and all that in front of the child. In that case it leaves a very powerful imprint on the psychics, and, as I know - when such people are growing up - there are not high chances they will want to have a family of their own.

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