How to be ready?

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Re: How to be ready?

Postby Odin » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:54 pm

i know that it is very important for you and i can understand it. having experience with two children it is not hard for me to tell that it is really hard to be the parent and try everything the best for your child. But when you have the child I think that it is not important for you because you would try to do for your child everything not taking your abilities in account and you will be sure in that. Sometimes it is very hard because I think that you know that there are different moments and different times but in general it is blessing especially for the couples like us. you shall prepare yourself for everything.

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Re: How to be ready?

Postby Dorian » Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:39 am

The arrival of a newborn is an exciting event. However, it also requires preparation. Talk to your partner and other dads about your feelings regarding the newborn’s arrival. Additionally, clean your home and prepare a space for the child. Be sure to stock up on bottles, baby toys, clothes, diapers, and all the other things that newborns need. Take parenting classes. Parenting skills, like any other ability, can be learned. Taking parenting classes can help you learn what you’ll need to know and do as you prepare for the arrival of a newborn. Most classes cover changing diapers, bathing, burping, and feeding your baby, among other skills. For a unique bonding experience, attend these classes with your partner.

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Re: How to be ready?

Postby George86 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:09 pm

I am sure that we will have fantastic talk with all of you. I want to tell you my story. I hope you will appreciate it. From the very childhood I dreamt to create a big family full of children. And you know when I was an adult person and my partner suggested me to become a father, I agreed without any back thoughts. Probably it was the best decision and i didn't think about readiness, I just wanted to feel happiness of being a father. I was ready to do this step and become a father, to create a big family. Hopefully everything was great and even nowadays I think about more children.

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How to be ready

Postby Ninelslage » Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:21 am

It is only you who can answer this question. Only you know yourself better than all other people, even your boyfriend. Just take your time and go to walk along the river maybe, or other your favorite place. You should not be in hurry, but just think over this situation and you will make your decision finally. It is a way I always use to solve some problem that depends only on me. I take all the advices and useful suggestions I have heard add them to my experience, then try to understand how I feel about all this case and then hurrey my decision is ready and well prepared. I hope my method will help you to find the answer.

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