Three traps of loneliness

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Re: Three traps of loneliness

Postby lenny » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:59 am

In most cases, we are deprived of attention from other people, because of our misunderstanding, which we interpret as a misunderstanding of us. But to blame other people that they do not want to communicate with us or do not want to understand us is simply meaningless. People behave with us the way they want and the way they have to behave, and most importantly, they behave with us the way we let them behave with us. So if we don't want to hear each other, then our communication will be so meaningless that it can be compared to the communication with the wall, and therefore, no understanding and speech can be about such a dead communication. So why do we spit on each other, why do we not notice each other, do not hear each other and do not want to understand each other?

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