where to go?

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where to go?

Postby jonm » Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:54 am

Guys, what do you think about the travelling? i think that travelling is the greated possibility to see the world and everything tht you need just do is try to find place where you will be happy with the great and positive emotions and atmosphere this place will bring to the all of you into the life. i think that you will be happy with the all new feelings there. Make just a few steps and you will deepen into friendly atmosphere of gay bars, among the nearest ones are: the RAIDD Bar, Le Bear’s Den and the Krash Bar. If you wish to seclude with a partner in more intimate setting and have some dining, go to the nearby restaurants: Dans le Noir?, the Flunch.

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Re: where to go?

Postby Franklin » Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:56 am

https://gayweekends.com/en/object/altho ... ossgarten/ i want to recommend this place for you all to have some rest and stay there.i think that there you will be happy with the all new and positive emotions you will get. i am sure that such places like this one can bring something new for you all and you will be happy there with the rest and with the all new feelings you will get. There are 4 large soundproofed meeting rooms, which are suitable for banquettes, wedding ceremonies, conferences and seminars. The hotel’s professional team will help you with event planning, provide with competent service and new-age techniques.

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Re: where to go?

Postby Paulin » Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:12 am

Sometimes this is very important to find place where you will get something new and positive for you all the time and wehre you will see some positive atmosphere for you. i want to recommend one place where you will be happy with the stay and where you will see a lot of new people to have some rest there all together with them all. Guesthouse offers three suites and five studios with modern design, comfortable beds and individual bathrooms with douches. All the suites have heating and conditioning systems, as well as TVs. Small seating zones are envisaged in all suites. Studios have kitchen sets and offer opportunity to warm the food and eat in private atmosphere.

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Re: where to go?

Postby Foggy » Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:25 am

The Leysieffer Café am Schlossgarten is a wonderful option to feel perfect flavors of freshly-made pastries, cakes and ice cream. The John Cranko Lounge is an idyllic setting in the heart of vibrant city, which invites to learn more about cocktail culture. The restaurant Zirbelstube is a welcoming host, which combines traditional hospitality and many other new things. i think that staying there you will get something new and positive for you all the time and there you will stay happy and satisfied with the great mood and with the all new and positive feelings you will get there all the time during the stay there with the friend.

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